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Collection of aid for cavers from Ukrainian Speleological Association

Opublikowano: 26-03-2022; 14:43 przez Ireneusz Królewicz | Modyfikacja: 26-03-2022; 18:47 przez Ireneusz Królewicz

Dear colleagues,
We are asking all European caving clubs for help on behalf of our neighbours. Few weeks back we had cave projects planned together and now They are forced to change ropes for guns. Members of Polish cave clubs, in association with charities, are currently gathering medical aids, food, clothes, sleeping bags, headlamps, power generators and other requested stuff and transporting it directly to our friends in Kiyv Speleological Club, Speleo Club „Atlantida”, Dnepr Seleological Club and others. The more we send and talk, the more we see how much is still needed. Situation is getting worse every day. Lots of our friends in territorial defence lack basic equipment like bulletproof vests and army helmets. It becomes impossible to buy those in Poland. That is why we are asking everyone who wants to help to buy those items in your country and send them to us on address:
Ireneusz Królewicz, ul. Sw. Kingi 8/37, 30-528 Krakow, Poland.
Here You can see the video, with a personal call from Liliya Kioseva – president of Ukrainian Speleological Association, reccorded thanks to siepomaga.pl charity:
LilIya Kioseva, Ukrainian Speleological Association 21st March 2022: „We fight to defend our home”
There is also a possibility to make money donation directly to us:

Thank You!

Slava Ukraini!

Caving Committee of Polish Mountaineering Association


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