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Informacja dotycząca zawodów w St. Etienne

Opublikowano: 11-10-2017; 10:26 przez Bożena Bator | Modyfikacja: 12-10-2017; 6:43 przez Arkadiusz Kamiński

Poniżej prezentujemy oryginalnego e-maila z informacją odnośnie zawodów w St. Etienne

Qualification European Youth Championships combined in St. Etienne

Dear National Federations,

This email will inform you on the qualification for the European Youth Championships COMBINED in St. Etienne (France) and the final possibility for European Youth A to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games 2018 (YOG 2018) through this event.

Due to many discussions about the Olympic formats, participation in the YOG 2018 and the qualification procedures needed, we have been dealing with a lot of last minute decisions in 2017 on how to implement selections for the YOG 2018. We want to make sure that the qualifying procedure for EYCH COMBINED and YOG 2018 is very clear to all European Federations and Youth A athletes.

We have had a very successful WYCH in Innsbruck and two successful European Youth Championships in Slany and Perm. European Youth A athletes could qualify for YOG 2018 through WYCH. We have one event remaining for European Youth A to qualify for YOG 2018 and one final European Youth A Champion to award!

Please find below the procedure to qualify for competing in the EYCH COMBINED in St. Etienne on 24-25 November 2017:

  • For European Youth A athletes, the European Youth Champion in the COMBINED discipline is to be determined in St Etienne (France) on 24th and 25th of November 2017.
  • This competition will follow the format set out for the COMBINED discipline according to the IFSC Rules (V2.1), as were used at the YWCH 2017 Innsbruck.
  • Independent from the qualification list, the maximum quota per nation is preset with a maximum of 4 athletes (deduced from the European rules for European Youth Championships).
  • The highest ranked competitor from the EYCH COMBINED, not already qualified for YOG 2018, will take the one qualification position available from the EYCH for YOG 2018. To the IFSC Europe Member Federations – 2 –
  • The list of qualifying European athletes for EYCH COMBINED is based on the EYCH 2017 combined ranking following Slany and Perm and after this, the ranking from the overall points gathered in the European Youth Cup 2017

Please find enclosed:

  1. Qualifying athletes MALE Youth A for EYCH COMBINED File: Qualification-St-Etienne-MaleA.pdf
  2. Qualifying athletes FEMALE Youth A for EYCH COMBINED File: Qualification-St-Etienne-FemaleA.pdf
  3. EYCH 2017 combined ranking Lead-Speed-Boulder Slany/Perm File: Combined-Result-EYCH-2017.pdf
  4. European Youth Cup Ranking Overall 2017 (Lead, Boulder, Speed) File: EYC-Overall-FemaleA.pdf and EYC-Overall-MaleA.pdf
  5. Stand-by list FEMALE YOUTH A File: Qualification-St-Etienne-FemaleA.pdf
  6. Stand-by list MALE YOUTH A File: Qualification-St-Etienne-MaleA.pdf


NF letter EYCH combined St Etienne 2017