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Zaproszenie – Women Lead Sports Programme 2021

Opublikowano: 2-08-2021; 23:26 przez Piotr Bunsch


IFSC ogłosiło nabór na specjalną edycję seminarium Women Lead Sports Programme 2021

Zainteresowanych zapraszamy do kontaktu.

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Prezentacja WLS 2021 w formacie PDF


Treść zaproszenia [eng.]: 

As part of the diversity and inclusion agenda of the IFSC as outlined in the Strategic Plan, we are proud to announce that the IFSC has entered a partnership with the Women Lead Sports Programme for the year 2021, to offer 20 women from IFSC Member Federations the opportunity to become better leaders, get better results in and for their organisations, and increase influence.

For the occasion, the programme has been tailored to the needs of the IFSC and its Member Federations, with particular attention to Sport Climbing as a new sport in the Olympic Movement. More information on the structure of the programme is in the document here attached. 

Although the core aim of the programme is the advancement of women as leaders in sports, in case of remaining available spots, the IFSC will consider applications also from supportive men who champion gender equality, being aware that the content will not be specially adapted for them.

Each Member Federation may submit 1 nomination containing the following information: 

• Candidate’s CV, containing current position/role within the NF and email address
• Candidate’s letter of motivation expressing why they should be considered for this programme, and what they would like to obtain from it
• NF letter of recommendation for the candidate

We kindly ask each IFSC Member to submit the applications by Sunday 8 August, knowing that: 

1. The programme is open to 20 participants
2. Candidates shall be active in any role or position within their Sport Climbing federation 
3. The target group are women who command at least mid-level of English (written and oral)
4. Candidates shall be women who are aware they participate because the Federation would like to empower them to lead, contribute to the future of their NF, and progress further as leaders in sport 
5. In order to graduate, each participant must attend at least 75% of all live-virtual sessions and complete at least 90% of the online content (assignments to take in own time)
6. The IFSC will inform all candidates of the outcome of their application
7. Each confirmed candidate will be contacted directly by the WLS Team to be informed of the next steps and take the DISC Assessment; each assessment is personal and issued with an individual licence number, therefore it is not transferrable to another candidate
8. The fee for each participant will be covered by the IFSC as investment in a future generation of leaders in Sport Climbing

The WLS Programme live-virtual sessions are scheduled in the following dates and times, defined in the effort to accommodate all time zones as much as possible: 

• 8 November 2:00-5:30 PM CET 
• 15 November 2:00-3:30 PM CET
• 22 November 3:00-4:30 CET

Candidates applying for the programme shall clear their schedules for the above-mentioned dates to make sure they can attend. 

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